Welcome to E.E.B. private space

Hi I am Estella, and I invite you to browse my pages in order to make a nice and warm pre-acquaintance and make you feel comfortable from this moment on.

I have just graduated the college, I am an open personality, I like sports and travel; during day I work in a firma, unrelated to this small business, therefore I will not answer handy. But during night, after 18pm I am yours and I love sharing fun with you :)

My interests varies and includes many starting with a  very relaxing conversation about any topics untill.....

a very relaxing massage and more

I must point out that I am a very normal girl which is here to make you feel good, I prefer that type of a guy which is not a regular escort customer since I am not either a regular date girl, neither those coming to open to open sex-business here

Let's start our fun then

I guees you are tired from your work and you are home/hotel now watching a boring tv...want do you think if a sensual, very sexy-lingerie petite model knock at the door right now? ....

Appointments are made by calls/voice calls +4 0729 107 605, no sms! Please do not behave offensive sending text on handy; it will be deleted without reading